What precautions should I take when signing into my email on a public computer?

You can access your mailbox from any computer that has a web browser and an internet connection. Internet cafés, libraries, and public access terminals such as Internet kiosks offer internet access to patrons. However, because the computers that provide this service are available to the public, you should take precautions to help protect your data and help ensure your privacy.

We recommend that you use Outlook Web App (email) only in locations you trust.

What should I do when signing in?

Take the following precautions when you sign in to a computer in a public place:

  • Make sure no one watches you type your user name and password when you sign in.
  • Never select an option that lets you save your password for later use. Even if you plan to use the same computer for several days, always retype your password.

 What should I do when I'm finished?

Make sure you sign out and close the browser.

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