What should I do if I forget my password?

Your email, blackboard, and banner password is the same as your MyWestern Account password and this password will expire every 60 days.

If you have forgotten your MyWestern Account password or it has expired, both faculty and students can reset it online by visiting the Self Service Windows Password Manager page. as an alternative, students may visit one of staffed computer centerson campus with a photo ID:

 Midtown Computer Center (MTCC) 
Ruth Haas Library - Main Level

Westside Computer Center (WSCC) 
Westside Classroom Building room 117

Student Technology Training Center (STTC) 
Student Center room 225

Campus Center Computer Center (C4)
Westside Campus Center 3rd Floor

Keep in mind that passwords must contain at least 8 characters from 3 of the following 4 classes: uppercase, lowercase, numeric or symbols (@,*, etc). Passwords may not contain any part of your username or any part of your full name.

Alternative for Faculty: Send a message to 'RequestIT@wcsu.edu’ or call the IT Help Desk at (203) 837-8467


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