How do I obtain a 'MyWestern Account'?

Upon enrollment at the university, the following are automatically created for you:

  • WCSU ID number  (this is a eight-digit sequence that is used as a unique student identifier). You will receive your Western ID number via USPS mail at your home address. It can be located at the header of any financial statement sent by the Cashiers Office. 

  • MyWestern Username (your last name and three digits). This username is permanent for the duration of your enrollment at WCSU.

To create a password, you will need to have your WCSU ID number or WCSU Photo ID ready when you visit any of the staffed computer labs on campus. If you prefer to call the staffed computer labs to complete this step, you will be asked a series of security questions to verify your identity. Keep in mind this password will expire approximately every 60 days.

This username and password combination together comprise your MyWestern Account and will be used to access all university systems including Banner, Blackboard, Citrix, and Remote Desktop.

A note on usernames:

Note that student email will require the full email address (  'username' ) as his or her username. Faculty email requires only their username, not a full email address as login credentials for their Outlook account.

Apart from signing in to your student email account, a MyWestern account student username consists of your username and domain. which looks like 

MyWestern account allows you to authenticate with services (i.e. library catalog search, Blackboard) on the Connecticut State Colleges and University system. 

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