Faculty and Administration: How do I connect to the virtual private network to use Internet Native Banner?

Step 1: Connect to the Neoteris VPN

Connect to Neoteris by launching Internet Explorer and opening the following URL:http://remote.wcsu.edu

  • Sign-in using your Windows username, password and domain.

  • After logging into Neoteris, a small Internet Explorer window should open (see Figure 1). This is the Secure Applications Manager (SAM) window.

Figure 1.

If the SAM window opened successfully, proceed to Step 2.
If you use pop-up blocking, you will have to launch SAM manually:

  • On the main browser window, click on the “Client Applications” link on the left column.

  • Click on the “Start Session” button.

Step 2: Launch INB

  • Open a new Internet Explorer window; do not reuse the Neoteris browser windows. Go to the following URL: https://inb.wcsu.edu

  • On the next page, click on the “Banner Production” link. In a few moments, you should see the login window for INB.

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